Creative Commons via Flickr -- two commercial truck crashes occur in the exactly the same way. Unique challenges to securing a personal injury insurance settlement or wrongful death civil jury award will arise. Going through the legal process to hold an at-fault truck driver and negligent trucking company accountable will take time, and victims will require support and information that go well beyond filing paperwork and answering questions about fine points of liability.

Last, a successful outcome cannot be guaranteed.

Lawyers who endlessly run ads on daytime TV rarely, if ever, disclose these realities.


When a tractor-trailer, construction vehicle or other large commercial truck hits a car, the injuries are often horrific and, many times, fatal. In Virginia during 2018, people died in 49 crashes involving commercial vehicles and large trucks. Another 2,878 such collisions left people injured.

Innocent victims of those wreck deserve to hold the truck drivers and trucking companies accountable for paying medical bills, replacing lost wages and potential earnings, and paying compensation for pain and suffering. Partnering with an experienced and caring attorney who makes it their mission to help truck accident victims will make the at-fault parties answer for the harm they inflicted.

But how can you determine who the best Virginia truck accident lawyer to handle your case is? A good way to start is visiting a personal injury and wrongful death law firm’s website and looking for details on successful cases. You do not need to see a case that parallels yours, but you do want to find a long track record of fair settlements and jury awards for past clients.

If you consider the law firm and its attorneys properly experienced, call, email or take advantage of the online chat feature to ask for more information and, possibly, schedule a free consultation. Here are some tips on preparing to meet with a lawyer for the first time, including questions to ask and stuff to bring.

You should only hire and continue to work with a truck accident injury attorney who is willing to do the following things, as required, to achieve the best outcome for you and your family:

  • Pick up the phone and respond to emails or texts
  • Answer all your questions honestly and in terms you can understanding, keeping legal jargon to a minimum
  • Send out an investigator to get photos and take measurements at the scene of the crash and of the vehicles involved
  • Collect other forensic evidence
  • Commission crash reconstructions from experts
  • File motions to preserve relevant evidence, such as demanding that no changes be made to the tractor-trailer or any of its contents until an inspection can be performed by experts
  • Have you examined by board-certified physicians to make sure you receive top-notch medical care for your crash-related injuries
  • File a claim for monetary damages as soon as possible
  • Fight only for you at every stage of the settlement negotiation or civil trial process

No TV ad will ever give you a true sense of whether you can count on receiving these necessary services.