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Florida Woman Wins $1.5 Million in Car Wreck

    A deaf woman in Florida was awarded $1.5 million after being struck from behind by an 18-year old male according to Lawyers USA. The woman, a postal worker, was stuck behind a line of traffic at the time.

    Despite a pre-existing back condition she was unanimously awarded for her damages, lost wages, and pain and suffering after 6 hours of deliberation by a six person jury.

    After the collision the woman underwent two spinal surgeries, the first of which left her in severe pain, and the second of which still left her in pain and unable to return to her job.  The defense did not deny being liable for the accident, but argued that her pre-existing back condition caused the severity of her injuries, not the accident itself. The woman originally sought $5 million in damages, but the $1.5 million was reached in settlement for an undisclosed amount.

    One of the lawyers for the defense conceded, “We were doing the best we could to do damage control on a case where we admitted liability; we were happy with the result.”