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As Hampton, Virginia personal injury attorneys, we often travel to the Peninsula to meet with clients and fight for them in court.  Hampton is home to many unique places and tourist sites such as Fort Monroe, the largest stone fort ever built in the United States. Nicknamed  “Freedom’s Fortress,” this Union-held fortification provided a safe haven for hundreds of runaway slaves during the Civil War.

Military bases

NASA Langley as well as Langley Air Force Base are situated in Hampton, right off Interstate-64 (I-64) near Mercury Boulevard.  That area of Mercury Blvd is not only heavily used by the military but visitors and residents who shop at the Peninsula Town Center.  The Hampton Coliseum is also in close proximity and often has long lines of cars trying to enter the parking facilities in order to attend conventions, music events and performances.  Our Hampton personal injury attorneys have handled many accident that involve pedestrians as well as cars in high traffic areas such as the Langley Air Force Base area.

Bridge tunnels

The first city over the Hampton Roads Bridge Tunnel or HRBT is Hampton, VA.  The Hampton Roads Bridge–Tunnel is the 3.5-mile-long crossing for Interstate 64 and U.S. Route 60.  Unfortunately despite the nice view of the Chesapeake Bay from the bridge, massive traffic congestion routinely occurs around the HRBT and this creates an environment where serious car crashes and injuries can occur. A contributing factor to the traffic and following car wrecks is the array of drivers traveling through Hampton including drivers heading to the Langley Air Force Base, the Hamptons Golf Course, Fort Monroe, and those traveling straight through to Colonial Williamsburg. This leads to a combination of regular commuters, tourists, and new residents who are not used to the traffic patterns of Hampton, not to mention the greater Tidewater area.

The result? An increased of serious accidents. We read and hear about accidents in and around Hampton on a daily basis. Some accidents are, fortunately, minor and do not involve much damage. Other accidents, unfortunately, involve significant damage and serious injuries like broken bones, lost limbs, and potential brain trauma. If you or a loved one is involved in a serious accident, consider contacting our team of Hampton personal injury lawyers. We’ve represented dozens of victims of serious accidents and routinely deal with insurance companies to help ensure they do not take advantage of you or your loved ones.

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