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In the majority of accidents where a victim is injured due to the negligence or recklessness of another party or parties, the victim is usually forced to deal with the at-fault party’s insurance company, whether the injuries occurred in a vehicle accident, premises liability, malpractice, or other type of incident. Unfortunately, many of those victims deal with insurance companies that drag out the process, often in an attempt to get the victim to either give up their claim or to settle for much less than they are entitled to.

Insurance companies are regulated by both federal and state laws, but that doesn’t mean these laws stop insurance companies from failing to negotiate in good faith. This is particularly true if the victim does not have a personal injury attorney representing them against the insurance party.





There are some several indicators that should signal to the victim that the insurance company is acting in bad faith and that it may time to contact a laws firm. These signs include the following:

The claim is approved for much less than the victim’s damages warrant: Insurance companies are notorious for undervaluing the damages that the victim has suffered, however, many insurance companies try this tactic in order to convince the victim they do not need an attorney. Taking the case through litigation is often time-consuming, as well as stressful, for the victim but it is often the only way to get the compensation you deserve. In the majority of litigated cases, the parties end up settling before the case actually goes to court.

Claim is left pending without any resolution for too long: This is a common stalling tactic that many insurance companies use to create the illusion that they are processing the victim’s claim but instead, there is no approval or denial, the claim just sits in limbo as a way to avoid paying the victim the money that they deserve for their losses.

The claim is not reimbursed in full, even though it is clear who the liable party is: Insurance companies consistently try to undervalue a victim’s claim in order to avoid paying the victim what they deserve. They do this even in cases where it is evident that they are required to do so under the terms of the insurance policy the insurer has with them. In these cases, there is a possibility of bringing forth a claim for bad faith denial against the insurance company.

The claim is denied without a valid reason and there is no process for the victim to appeal the decision: If the insurance company denies the victim’s claim, they can only do so if the claim is unreasonable per the terms of the insurer’s policy. Any victim in this position should retain the services of a personal injury attorney immediately to review the policy and determine if the reason for denial was a valid one.

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If you have suffered injuries in an accident caused by someone else, contact a Virginia personal injury attorney right away. Do not try to deal with the insurance company yourself. Let a member of our legal team advocate for you. can evaluate your case to see what damages you may be entitled to and what the best course of action is to obtain those damages.

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