Two Best Ways to Identify the Right Virginia Personal Injury Lawyer on Google

Most people who have been in a car or truck accident with injuries in Hampton Roads, Virginia look on Google to find the right lawyer.  There are two ways to know who to choose by looking for specialization and firm size.  Although, there is no recognized specialty area of accident/injury practice for the Virginia State Bar, some firms do nothing but injury and wrongful death work, and others do a more general practice.  

When you are looking at the ten top results in Google for a personal injury lawyer, keep in mind that if the lawyer is talking about doing divorce, traffic or bankruptcy, then they are not exclusively focused on personal injury accident cases like yours.  So, the first and easiest way to know who to select is a firm that clearly is focused and only focused on the kind of case that you have got.  If they are talking about divorce, traffic, criminal or doing other kinds of legal work than injury law, then obviously they are not a law firm like ours that spends all of it’s time and energy on accident cases. 

The second key way to separate the results on the first page of the Google search is looking for law firms that have sufficient resources in terms of numbers of attorneys to be able to handle significant personal injury cases.  At our firm we have six lawyers, over a dozen staff members including investigators, all of whom are available to work on your serious personal injury matter.  In fact, when we go to jury trial we typically have a team of at least two lawyers so that we have the best chance of getting you the best result in your case.  If a firm only has a single solo practitioner, then he or she may not have the financial clout to pay all of the experts and expenses associated with big-time injury and wrongful death litigation. 

Often in cases like medical malpractice, which we do, the law firm will have to expend tens of thousands of dollars, if not over $100,000.00 or more, to properly present the case in court.  Does the one lawyer working by himself have the wherewithal to expend that kind of money on your case, if needed?  If not, then he or she is not the right lawyer for a multi-million dollar type case. Also, if you go with John Doe, Solo Lawyer, then he may not  be around to answer questions on his cases or be able to provide the kind of personal attention to all of his clients when he is tied up in court, or on vacation.  For these reasons, going with a specialized plaintiffs-only personal injury firm with several really good lawyers is the best bet when picking a Virginia personal injury lawyer from the Google search results.