We frequently hear of insurance companies of all types, including automobile accident insurance companies, medical malpractice insurance companies and health insurance companies abandoning the very people who paid them for protection from serious personal injuries or wrongful deaths. A perfect example of this involves a health insurance company who insured a 57 year old Virginia Beach, Virginia (VA) heart attack victim.

This lady had been paying her health insurance company for protection from serious health problems and serious personal injuries for many, many years. She recently suffered a disabling heart attack which required extensive hospitalization.

Once her insurance company realized how big her medical bills were going to be they cancelled her insurance policy claiming that she knew that she had a heart condition before she purchased it.

According to published reports, her personal injury attorneys have filed a law suit on her behalf and will take her personal injury insurance company to court in an effort to try and have her insurance company found at fault for wrongfully terminating her health insurance. If her personal injury attorneys are successful in doing so, then her health insurance company will be required to pay more than $75,000.00 of here outstanding medical bills.

This lady’s personal injury attorneys believe that all personal injury insurance companies should be held responsible and be required to live up to the terms of their insurance contracts.