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Don't play the insurance company's games of delay, defend and deny. Review this article, check out our videos and free consumer reports, then give our firm a call so you can talk to an experienced injury lawyer for a free consultation.

Every week we get calls from car accident injury victims who are trapped by the insurance company games played by claims adjusters: 
  • Delays in getting you a rental car even though your car is totaled in the wreck
  • Delays of weeks in admitting that the other driver caused the crash
  • Denying that you can prove any of your lost wages, lost commissions or general earnings are related to the car accident

In other words, you have become a victim of the accident itself, and a victim of the insurance company games.

The insurance company games are especially confusing if the other driver that caused the accident and your injuries has no insurance, or if you were in a hit-and-run or unknown driver accident.  Uninsured motorist laws are some of the most confusing and consumers are taken advantage of by insurance claims adjusters when this occurs as well.

When these types of car accidents occur, it makes a lot of sense to speak to a lawyer in a free initial confidential consultation. The personal injury attorneys at our law firm are here to talk with you about your potential injury claim, and to end the insurance company games. Unlike many other law firms, our attorneys have over 100 years combined legal experience, we only practice injury law, and every week of every month of the year we research and write injury law blog articles that are posted not only on our law firm website but on a series of Injuryboard network law blogs.

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