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Common injuries that can occur in car and motorcycle accidents.

Common injuries that can occur from car or motorcycle accidents are broken or fractured legs. A broken Tibia or Fibula usually results in severe pain in the leg, deformity due to protruding bones, or swelling and bruising of the leg you may have. The lower leg is especially susceptible to injuries from motorcycle falls, because the leg can be pinned under the bike.

The lower leg consists of two bones, the Tibia and the Fibula. The Tibia is the stout bone, that does the load-carrying work, where the Fibula is a thin, long bone, which attaches at the knee and ankle to the outside of the Tibia. Most commonly both bones are injured at the same time. A broken Tibia typically does not end with normal healing, despite various treatment techniques. This type of injury typically requires hospitalization.  Conditions associated with a Tibia fracture often include a torn artery, increased pressure, and the inability to lift the toes of the foot. The pressure can lead to severe restriction of oxygen to the muscles and nerves below the fracture, and may result in amputation.




Types of treatment for the leg depend on the type of fracture. An X-ray will be taken to determine the type of fracture. Initially the leg is immobilized with a splint. If you have a displaced fracture, the doctor may need to put the pieces back into proper positioning before applying the splint. After removing the splint, a patient will likely require physical therapy to reduce stiffness and restore movement.

If the fracture or break is especially bad, surgical procedures may have to take place. Surgery involves implanting internal fixation devices, such as plates, rods or screws, to maintain the proper position of the bones during the healing process. Despite a successful procedure, immobilization and bed rest for a lengthy amount of time can be expected. The usual amount of healing time for Tibia and Fibula fractures treated with cast immobilization is about 12 to 16 weeks and is followed by rehabilitation.  If you have suffered a broken leg, resulting from a car or motorcycle accident, due to the negligence of another person, please contact our Virginia personal injury law firm, and we may be able to help you.


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