VA FELA Attorneys: Locomotive Inspection Act Regulation Violations: Toxics/Diesel Fumes

A series of railroad regulations enacted under the Locomotive Inspection Act require that railroads provide locomotives that are safe in general, or  that will not allow diesel or exhaust fumes to enter the engine cab.  The general safe engine provisions are violated if the railroad employer allows asbestos fibers to injure or cause disease as this is not considered an engine that is safe enough to avoid worker injury.  The regulations prohibit fumes entering the cab, require exhaust stacks on engine to be of sufficient height, and require proper ventilation.

To read a real legal brief explaining the provisions of the Locomotive Inspection Act with regard to diesel fumes, click here.

The cases determining that a railroad violates LIA regulations by equipping the locomotive engines with asbestos are not covered in this brief, however if you have any questions about a railroad personal injury, disease, or wrongful death claim, including a claim caused by a toxic or dangerous fume or substance, contact our firm for a free confidential consultation.


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