One of the most important factors in a personal injury case is the medical diagnosis and treatments that the victim has received. This is why it is so important to seek out medical attention after an accident, even if you think your injuries are just minor ones. There are many injuries where the symptoms may be delayed, such as with a concussion or whiplash. A delay in medical attention could result in more serious health issues and could also hurt the victim’s chances of being successful in their injury claim.

The first place a victim should start when they are injured is with their own primary care doctor – or emergency room if they are hurt outside regular business hours or if they are transported to the hospital via ambulance. Depending on the seriousness and type of injury, the primary care doctor may refer the victim to a specialist for further diagnosis and treatment. Some of the more common types of specialist our clients receive treatments for their injuries are listed below.





A neurologist is a doctor who treats medical issues that involve the nervous system. Some examples of accident injuries a victim may need to see a neurologist for include head injuries, spinal cord injuries, and any kind of nerve damage injuries. Accident victims who have been diagnosed with a concussion or who are suffering from bad headaches or migraines can be referred to a neurologist.


A victim who has suffered bone or joint injuries may be referred to an orthopedist. Orthopedists treat sudden bone injuries, such as those that occur in an accident, as well as degenerative bone conditions (i.e. arthritis). Orthopedists can also treat torn ligaments, rotator cuff injuries, and injuries to the knees. An orthopedist will evaluate what type of medication, surgery, and/or physical therapy the victim may need.

Occupational Therapist and Physical Therapist

The goal of both occupational and physical therapists is to improve the victim’s mobility, whether the issues are caused by an injury or following surgery to repair the injury. An occupational therapist focuses on helping the victim regain the ability to perform everyday living activities. The therapist does this by focusing on the whole person. A physical therapist focuses on helping the victim regain full movement of their body. The physical therapist focuses on specific areas of the body, such as joints or muscles where the injury has occurred.


A chiropractor treats neuromuscular injuries by using manual adjustment techniques. When a victim suffers from pain and/or stiffness, the chiropractor will use these manual adjustments to help improve the mobility and overall functionality for the victim.

Pain Management Doctor

Accident victims often suffer injuries that cause chronic pain; however, it is not always easy to pinpoint where that pain is coming from. A pain management doctor will use diagnostic testing to isolate the cause of the pain and develop a treatment plan, including technology and medication. It is not uncommon for primary care doctors, as well as other medical specialists, to recommend a victim also see a pain management doctor.

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