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Brain Injuries Can Affect Your Long And Short Term Memory

There is perhaps no more devastating injury imaginable than losing past memories or having difficulty making new memories. However, few people know that all brain injuries, from mild concussions to the most traumatic brain injuries, can lead to a range of memory issues, memory loss, and memory disabilities.

Victims of head injury usually suffer from long-term memory loss, short-term memory loss, or some combination of the two. It is common for those with brain injuries not to remember the accident, the day of the accident, or an even longer span of time before the accident. Many concussion sufferers may not remember a span of time after the accident took place, even if they were responding normally in other ways.

In the months after a serious head injury accident, the patient or the patient’s family may start to notice a new issue: troubles with short-term memory may continue indefinitely. In more mild cases of short-term memory loss, head injury sufferers may have trouble keeping appointments, remembering conversations, or recalling an even that happened in the recent past. Those who suffer from more severe short-term memory loss may find it impossible to hold a meaningful conversation, follow the plot of a movie, or even do a few errands around the neighborhood.

While some people with head injuries slowly recover from their memory problems, and while short-term memory problems can sometimes be treated through therapy and exercises, many brain injury victims find themselves struggling with memory issues for the rest of their lives – a problem that, as you might guess, can affect every facet of their day, from their career to their relationships to their personal lives.

If you or a loved one has suffered memory problems or memory loss after a head injury and accident that wasn’t your fault, you may deserve compensation and monetary support. Talk to a head injury attorney today about your case.