Natural Gas Drilling Truck Accidents | West Virginial Injury Attorney | Shapiro, Washburn & Sharp

Northern West Virginia has seen four serious traffic accidents in just one week, all involving trucks associated with the gas drilling industry. After this cluster of accidents, in which one person was killed and three injured, local officials are investigating what is causing the accidents and how they can be prevented in the future.

At the beginning of the week, a natural gas truck was traveling on a rural road when the breaks on its vehicle gave out, causing the truck to speed out of control down the road. The trucker left the roadway while trying to avoid a vehicle ahead of him and fell 100 feet down a wooded embankment to his death. In three other cases, all in Wetzel County, oil drilling related trucks have tipped over, left the roadway, and threatened to run other cars off of the roadway.

What is the cause of these commercial truck accidents? The Marshall County Chief Deputy Sheriff told local news reporters that the main issue is that the truck drivers are negotiating foreign roads – and roads that often have sharp curves, narrow segments, and significant inclines. In addition, some drivers seem to be having issues with their brakes on hills, causing the truckers to run other cars off of the road or speed recklessly.

What is the solution to the problem? It seems that truckers simply need to slow down on unfamiliar rural roads and that the natural gas drilling companies need to make certain that the brakes on their trucks are properly maintained.

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