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Insurance company claims adjusters have a simple mission – reduce or deny your injury claim. They are not your friend and you should be wary if any claims adjuster tells you that speaking to an attorney is not necessary. This is bad advice meant to ensure you do not get a sizable settlement or recovery for your injury claim.

Deciding not to have a Newport News car accident lawyer look out for your best interests serves the interests of the insurance company, not yours, especially if you are seriously injured.

Residents and commuters in Newport News, Virginia (VA), if hurt in a car accident, quickly see the tricks an insurance company uses to manipulate the person after a serious crash. They may ignore your calls, delay helping you get a rental car or paying for your wrecked car, or demand a recorded statement, but not tell you that you have a right not to give that to them.

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Why You Should Contact a Newport News Car Accident Lawyer

Let us take the burden of dealing with these claims adjusters off your shoulders so you can focus on recuperating from your injury. After a serious car wreck you, understandably, want to regain some semblance of your life prior to the crash. That is exactly what you should be doing; not haggling with claims adjusters.

A Newport News car accident lawyer with our firm can deal with insurance claims adjusters on a daily basis and are prepared when they try to use their usual tricks and tactics. 

“What type of tactics and tricks do insurance companies try to pull?” you might ask. Well, a common tactic is arguing that your injury, maybe stemming from a car wreck on I-664, I-64, Route 101, or Jefferson Avenue, did not result in lost wages. Another common tactic is simply dragging the claims process out for weeks or months. You give them a call and get a voicemail. You call again and leave another message. All the while, you have mounting medical bills and are not fully healed from your injury.

Again, this is where a Newport News car accident lawyer can help. You’d be surprised just how different insurance companies respond when you have legal representation, as opposed to trying to recover compensation on your own. Give us a call for a free, no-hassle consultation. We will meet you at our Peninsula office or come to you whether you’re at home or in the hospital.