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When a diesel tanker truck burst into flames on the I-664 exit ramp to 35th Street on September 5, 2009, no one but the tractor-trailer’s driver suffered injuries. That was not the case in many of the other 83 crashes involving large commercial trucks in Newport News, Virginia (VA), that year.

Considering that Newport News is home to a long stretch of I-64 and is intersected with heavily trafficked routes like Jefferson Avenue/US 17, Mercury Boulevard/US 258 and Warwick Boulevard/US 60, finding out that Newport News doesn’t see even more wrecks of 18-wheelers, semis, and other big rigs almost seems like good news. To recognize the mistake in such positive thinking, one need only remember that every trucking accident is more likely to cause injuries and death than any car accident.

Whether just passing through the city to or from the Hampton Roads Bridge-Tunnel, James River Bridge or Monitor-Merrimac Memorial Bridge-Tunnel or hauling products for Northrup Grumman Shipbuilding, commercial trucks pose a real risk to other drivers and pedestrians. When that risk becomes reality — when a person gets hurt or killed by a truck — victim’s can find it difficult to hold the driver and trucking company accountable. Even identifying the owner and insurer of a commercial truck can be difficult.

Lawyers with our firm have decades of experience working on the behalf of victims of trucking accidents. We know how to deal with insurance agents to ensure that people harmed by mistakes and negligence by truck drivers and trucking companies receive fair compensation for injuries, health care costs, lost wages and suffering. We have also helped families who’ve lost loved ones to crashes caused by trucks.

We do not take every case, but we welcome you to call our Hampton offices at (757) 788-8162 to discuss your truck accident. The first conversation is always free, and we do not take any legal fees until we succeed in securing your settlement or verdict.

We will also come to your home or hospital if you are too hurt to visit us.