A big fear many Norfolk, Virginia (VA) patients have when being admitted to the hospital is getting seriously injured or losing their life due to a doctor or surgical error. This mistake may occur while you are under the knife (i.e. during surgery) or while you’re receiving a powerful prescription medication. 

Your concerns are justified. The sixth largest killer of Americans is preventable medical errors, according to the American Association for Justice. 

Close to 200,000 people die from medical mistakes like a perforated bowel, surgical instruments such as sponges or clamps left inside a patient from a surgery, and misdiagnosis every year in the United States. In addition, over 1.5 million people are seriously injured due to prescription medication errors.

If you have suffered a serious injury due to a prescription medication error or doctor’s mistake while at the hospital, you are probably feeling a little overwhelmed with questions and concerns about what to do. Your medical bills may be piling up and the injury could be so serious that you cannot work to generate any income. Getting seriously hurt at the local Norfolk hospital is like having a sacred trust violated. Most of us believe that when you go to the hospital to see a doctor you are going to get better, not to wind up with a potentially life-altering injury.

The questions and issues surrounding your injury need to be sorted out and this is why you should consult with a Norfolk medical malpractice lawyer. We can help answer some of those questions you’re likely to be asked by your insurance company when you seek compensation and we can analyze your situation to see if you should pursue a personal injury claim against the doctor or surgeon who caused the injury.

The biggest mistake many people make is trying to pursue compensation on their own without the services of a medical malpractice lawyer in Norfolk. Insurance companies prey on people who do not have legal representation. The laws in VA are already designed to make it difficult for an individual to receive compensation from a medical malpractice claim. For example, before you can initiate litigation against a health care provider, you must obtain a “certificate of merit” signed by an expert witness who is qualified and trained in the field of medicine that concerns your type of injury.

Do not make this process harder on yourself than it needs to be by trying to battle an insurance company on your own. Give our medical negligence law firm a call for a free, no-hassle consultation or fill out our quick contact form on the right side of your screen.

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