After fire engulfed a rear-ended car on I-264 near Military Highway and took the life of a passenger trapped in the burning vehicle on December 14, 2009, questions emerged over whether the car’s driver or the driver of a flatbed truck was more at fault for the tragic accident. Even though police ticketed the truck driver for failing to yield to a disabled vehicle, the very fact that the car was on the highway with a flat tire called liability into doubt.

Two of our lawyers fought for the deceased victim’s family. Within one year, the trucking company and its insurer agreed to settle a wrongful death claim for $3.5 million.

While not representative of every case we take in which a person driving through or living in Norfolk, Virginia (VA), gets injured or killed in a collision with an 18-wheeler, tractor-trailer or other commercial truck, the result does indicate how our attorneys help families receive fair compensation for damages and suffering.

Although small in area, Norfolk saw 87 accidents involving trucks during 2009, and another 48 through September 2010. That is far too many opportunities for drivers and passengers in cars and trucks or on motorcycles to get hurt while traveling along I-64, I-564, Granby Road or through the Midtown or Downtown tunnels.

When large commercial trucks do crash into other vehicles or hit pedestrians, severe injuries are often the best outcome. Too often, victims of trucking accidents die. When those tragedies occur, victims and their families must act quickly to ensure the company operating the truck and its insurance company will pay legitimate claims for vehicle repairs, medical bills and lost wages.

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