Best NC medical malpractice lawyerIn the days, weeks, and months after a medical malpractice incident, it can be difficult to take control of your situation. You may be recovering from a medication error, a surgical error, or even battling a serious illness or disease. Your mind may be overwhelmed with medical bills and regaining your health and wellbeing. But although you are struggling with many aspects of your medical malpractice incident, you should know that you have a limited time to take legal action against the doctor, medical profession, or hospital that caused the problem.

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Here is a summary of North Carolina’s medical malpractice statute of limitation laws:

•    If a loved one in NC died due to a medical mistake, the family has two years to file a lawsuit.
•    A medical malpractice injury lawsuit must be filed within three years of the last act of the medical malpractice event. Or, a medical malpractice lawsuit must be filed within one year of time that the medical malpractice injury was discovered or should have been discovered.
•    In the case of a foreign object medical malpractice case, a lawsuit must be filed within one year of the discovery of the object but not more than ten years after the object was left in the patient.
•    Wrongful death actions based on alleged medical malpractice must be brought within the foregoing period or within two years from death, whichever is shorter.
•    Minors who have suffered from medical malpractice have until their 19th birthday to file a lawsuit.

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