North Carolina Commercial Truck Companies: Pursuing a Valid Insurance Claim | Shapiro, Washburn & Sharp

North Carolina commercial truck accidents and injuries are on the rise.  The State of North Carolina ranked fifth highest in the U.S. in truck-related fatalities according to the National Center for Statistics Analysis, Special Truck Fatality Data Run.  This means that more people were killed in wrecks with tractor/trailers in North Carolina than in states like Florida, Texas, and Georgia.

To make matters even worse, almost twice as many people died in North Carolina as a result of commercial truck crashes as died in Virginia in 2005.  This statistic is surprising in that there is a similar amount of roadway off the interstate highway system in the two states, they share a border, and they also share some of the same major freeways like Interstate 95 (I-95) which cuts through both states going north/south.

Many truck companies in the Carolinas often collect evidence at the truck crash site, immediately interview witnesses, and clam up directly after the accident.