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North Carolina Medical Malpractice: Wrong Diagnosis

NC medical malpractice attorneysAccording to a study conducted at Johns Hopkins University, misdiagnosis and wrong diagnosis lead to 40,000 to 80,000 deaths each year in the United States. In fact, misdiagnosis, delayed diagnosis, and wrong diagnosis are twice as common as another leading cause of medical malpractice lawsuits, surgical errors. A misread x-ray, a list of symptoms, or a shoddily run test could all lead to a wrong diagnosis - and perhaps a missed opportunity to treat a deadly condition or disease.

Here are just a few examples of misdiagnosis or wrong diagnosisin North Carolina:
  • A Charlotte woman goes to the doctor complaining of increasingly painful headaches. Her doctor diagnoses her with migraines when in fact she has a quicklyspreading malignant brain tumor.
  • A Raleigh man goes into the doctor complaining about dizziness and confusion. His doctor tells him he has an inner ear problem when in fact he has had a serious stroke.
  • A woman goes to a Wake Forest doctor after finding a lump in her breast. Her doctor takes a biopsy, but calls her a few days later to tell her the lump is not serious. Unfortunately, the lab results were mixed up and the woman actually had breast cancer.
  • A North Carolina toddler is brought to his pediatrician after his parents see some developmental issues. The doctor diagnoses the boy with mental retardation. Two years later, the parents receive the true diagnosis: their child is deaf.
  • After having a hysterectomy, a woman complains of intense pain. The doctors believe she is suffering from a post-operative infection, when she is really suffering because a clamp has been left behind in her abdominal cavity.