Many serious truck wrecks occur in and around the Midtown Tunnel, Downtown Tunnel, I-264 and Route 17 since these are some of the busiest roadways in the Hampton Roads region. Unfortunately, when a commercial truck slams into a small sedan or mid-sized SUV, the damage is usually severe, especially for the sedan or SUV.

So what should you do when, let’s say, you get involved in a serious tractor trailer wreck while traveling out of the Midtown Tunnel headed towards the nTelos Wireless Pavilion and you suffer a serious injury. What should you do?

First, go to a hospital and get medical attention so your injury doesn’t get worse.

Next, contact a Portsmouth truck accident injury lawyer. Why? Because once an accident occurs involving a commercial truck, the insurance company that the trucking company sends out a team of claims adjusters to gather evidence and figure out ways to reduce or deny your claim.  Remember, when you receive a call from the trucking company insurance adjuster, they are not your friend. Their goal is to either get you to agree to a low-ball settlement or to have you give a recorded statement so they can scrutinize every statement.

You might be thinking, “I can’t afford to hire a truck accident lawyer.” Well, our truck accident injury law firm works on a “contingency fee” basis. This means you pay nothing up front and we don’t collect any fees until you receive proper compensation for your injury. Again, this is why there is no harm in speaking to a truck wreck injury attorney in Portsmouth to discuss your situation and seeing what legal options are available.

Our Portsmouth personal injury law firm possesses a track record of securing sizable settlements and jury verdicts in truck accident injury cases. See some examples below:


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