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Portsmouth, VA Drivers at Risk for Crashes Caused by Large Trucks

Home to major ports and shipyards and cut through by interstates and state highways, Portsmouth, Virginia (VA) sees more than its fair share of traffic accidents involving 18-wheelers, semis, and tractor-trailers.

Fifty-one such crashes occurred on I-264, Portsmouth Boulevard, Effingham Street, Victory Boulevard, London Boulevard and the Martin Luther King Freeway during 2006. Streets and highways in Portsmouth have become safer for cars, pickups, motorcycles and pedestrians in the past few years, but the risk for injuries and deaths from collisions with large commercial trucks persists in this Coast Guard City.

Victims of trucking accidents can face significant difficulties collecting on legitimate claims for medical bills, damages to their vehicles, lost wages and suffering. Simply identifying which company owns a commercial truck can be daunting, to say nothing of ensuring that insurance companies respond quickly and appropriately to people submitting claims.

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