NC Head Injury Attorneys: Three New Ideas To Reduce Brain Injuries And Accidents | Shapiro, Washburn & Sharp

As researchers learn more about traumatic brain injuries, we are finally getting new information about how brain injuries can affect us and what we can do to prevent serious head injuries in the future. While old brain injury prevention tips still apply – such as wearing a helmet – scientists are now able to tell us both about how brain injuries work and how we can reduce our chances of suffering a serious brain injury.

Below, read about three new ideas that researchers are exploring when it comes to brain injury prevention.

•    Reinventing the helmet. Safety advocates agree that helmets save lives – but could better helmets save more lives? While other safety technology, such as car safety, has evolved over the years, helmet design and helmet safety has not changed much for four decades. Now scientists believe that they have the technology to redesign helmets to be more effective; for example, experts are now looking into designing different helmets for specific positions on football teams.
•    Being cautious after an initial head injury. One of the most interesting and helpful head injury discoveries in recent years has been the dangers of repeat head injuries. Suffering a concussion and then incurring a second head injury within a month can lead to dire consequences and even death. Suffering multiple concussions over several years can also do long-term damage to the brain. Doctors now believe that one of the single best ways to prevent serious brain injury is to wait at least several weeks before returning to your regular activities, such as contact sports.
•    Researching Omega-3 fatty acids. Could reducing the severity of a head injury be as easy as taking a daily supplement? Some researchers have completed initial studies on rats showing that taking a high dose of Omega-3 oils can help your body make repairs in the days and weeks after a traumatic brain injury.