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One of the many benefits of my job is attending Union meetings of those employed by both the Norfolk Southern and CSX. I get to see old friends and make new ones.

It never fails that one of those with more experience (notice I didn’t say “old”) will comment about the aches and pains of aging. Usually after a little discussion they will realize their aches and pains may not be related to getting older. Some of these problems can be linked to their job, and what we now call repetitive stress injuries, including the hips, knees, ankles/feet and even the back or neck. While carpal tunnel syndrome is a more well known repetitive syndrome or disease, its only more recently that railroad workers and railroad injury lawyers have realized that the railroads knew about repetitive stress injuries to other body parts long ago, but did not protect the workers–at all.

How many of you still working were employed before mounting and dismounting moving equipment was discontinued? The railroads didn’t stop this practice only because it was unsafe. This practice was stopped due to the number of personal injuries and the amount of money railroads had to pay for these personal injuries. Your ankle, knee and hip joints were not designed to take the type abuse mounting or dismounting train cars constantly could cause. Walking in mainline size ballast in yards (where small pea size ballast is supposed to be laid) is another hazard to you. Years of walking in this large ballast rock will cause problems and sometimes personal injury.

Just a reminder to all. Should you suffer from joint problems, stop and think about your railroad experiences and the issue of repetitive stress injuries. Did you do any task on the job that would cause the joint problems? If the answer is “Yes,” then call us for some advice on your problem. Remember, advice is always FREE. Contact our firm today for a free, condifential consultation.