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A fall in a restaurant, grocery store, or other retail establishment can happen to anyone. What was supposed to be a nice dinner out or a quick run to the store suddenly turns into a nightmare, dealing with painful injuries that require extensive medical treatments and missed work while recovering.

In the majority of falls that occur in retail locations, there is usually some kind of negligence or other failure on the part of the property or business owner that resulted in the victim’s falling and suffering injuries. A North Carolina injury attorney can advocate for injured victims in these situations, getting them the financial compensation they may be entitled for the losses the injuries have caused them.




There are many things that can cause dangers and hazards to anyone who walks into a retail establishment which can cause the customer to fall and sustain injuries. This is why the law requires business owners a duty of care to make sure that these hazards are taken care of right away or at least implement some type of warning to alert anyone who enters that the hazard exists. If the business owner fails to abide by this duty of care, the injured victim can pursue damages against them.

At Shapiro & Appleton, some of the more frequent types of hazards our clients have encountered and suffered injuries as a result include:

Faulty or missing handrails: Most municipalities have building codes in place which require that property or business owners have a handrail in place on any ramps or stairs that are on the property. Unfortunately, not all owners comply with this regulation and either fail to install handrails or they fail to replace or repair railings which have become loose or in poor shape.

Poorly lit areas: Stairways, hallways, walkways, and other passageways where customers walk should be brightly lit so people can see where they are walking. When areas are not lit or bulbs have burned out and not been replaced, this puts visitors to the building at risk of suffering a fall and becoming injured.

Slippery floors and other surfaces: Any spills on a business floor or other area should be cleaned up immediately. Failure to take care of spills can lead to individuals slipping and seriously injuring themselves. The property owner should also install non-slip surfaces in areas where needed, such as on stairs and foyer areas. It is also the property/business owner’s responsibility to make sure that any snow and ice is cleared in the parking lot and other areas where customers will be walking.

Tripping hazards: It is not uncommon for businesses to fail to keep areas free of tripping hazards. This can occur because of the displays they have up, rugs, or electric cords.

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