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TBI's (Traumatic Brain Injury) Impact On Marriage | West Virginia Head Injury Attorney

We have written a number of articles about how traumatic brain injuries can affect every aspect of a person’s emotional state and physical state. But it is easy to overlook the less obvious affects of a head injury – the affects that a serious brain injury can have on a person’s relationships and marriage.

A traumatic brain injury can affect a marriage in several serious ways. First and foremost, an enormous amount of pressure is put on a head injury victim’s spouse, who must immediately transform into the person’s primary advocate and caregiver. In the most serious cases, a spouse must care for their loved one around the clock – all while dealing the family’s financial situation and making important medical decisions. This can be extremely stressful -- and can lead to depression, anxiety, and even feelings of resentment.

Even in cases of more mild traumatic brain injuries, the affects on marriage can be significant. Behavioral problems and personality changes caused by damage to the frontal lobe can lead to conflicts, misunderstandings, and arguments. Bursts of rage, depression, cognitive difficulties, and feelings of frustration can leave both parties asking, is this the same person I married?

Head injury experts understand well that relationships also endure trauma in the wake of an accident. Most recommend that all couples dealing with brain injury rehabilitation and recovery seek counseling and support. A local brain injury caregiver support group can help spouses to understand that they are not alone – and that it is possible to work through behavioral issues, mental changes, and outbursts that may occur after a head injury accident. At the same time, brain injury survivors can begin to better understand how their actions and behaviors relate to their brain injury.

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