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North Carolina Traumatic Brain Injury: The Long Term Costs Of A Brain Injury

In the short term, it is obvious that a traumatic brain injury is devastating. You or your loved one may be hospitalized or even in a coma. You may miss weeks, months, or years of work. You are certainly in extreme pain and probably suffer from any degree of emotional trauma. But what most people don't full realize are the devastating long term consequences of a serious brain injury accident.

For example, did you know that the average cost of a mild brain injury is $85,000, while the average cost of a moderate brain injury is $941,000? Or that the lifetime cost of a severe brain injury is $3 million? All in all, Americans spend an estimated $48.3 billion on treating brain injury victims each year.

Brain injuries can have lifelong effects on your life: financial effects, emotional effects, and physical effects. A person with a mild or moderate brain injury may suffer from memory problems, behavioral changes, or trouble with their speech or vision - problems that could affect their careers, their hobbies, and their overall quality of life. A person with a severe brain injury may have serious mobility problems paralysis, significant mental disabilities, and other permanent injuries that require life long hospitalization or at least 24-hour care by health professionals.

When a person suffers a brain injury and it is not their fault, they should not be responsible for paying a lifelong bill - the negligent party responsible for the brain injury accident should pay damages. If you believe you need help in finding justice for yourself or for another Carolina brain injury victim, call an experienced head injury lawyer today.