Virginia Truck Accident Injury Lawyers: Tractor Trailer Collision Causes Severe Injuries | Shapiro, Washburn & Sharp

Best VA personal injury lawyersA tractor trailer collision with a passenger automobile was recently settled for $2,500,000.00. The collision occurred in July of 2007 when a tractor trailer crossed a four lane divided highway and struck the Plaintiff’s vehicle causing the Plaintiff to be ejected.

The Plaintiff suffered severe personal injuries including an injury to his brain resulting in mental impairment, a broken leg, a fractured pelvis and numerous cuts and abrasions. The Plaintiff will require a hip replacement in the future, as well as scar revisions.

Tractor trailer collisions can be some of the most severe and life threatening accidents that happen on our highways because of the huge dangers associated with their operation. Experienced personal injury lawyers should always be consulted when one of these tragic tractor trailer accidents occurs to you, your loved ones or your friends and neighbors.

In 2007 there were:

  • 13 tractor-trailer occupants killed or 1.3 percent of all traffic fatalities
  • 397 tractor-trailer occupants injured or 0.6 percent of all traffic injuries
  • 4,038 tractor-trailer crashes or 2.8 percent of all crashes
  • 67 fatal crashes or 7.1 percent of all fatal crashes
  • 1,177 personal injury crashes or 2.4 percent of all personal injury crashes
  • 2,794 property damage crashes or 2.9 percent of all property damage crashes
  • 1,568 covered tractor-trailer crashes or 38.8 percent of all tractor-trailer crashes
  • 62 hazardous material tractor-trailer crashes or 1.5 percent of all tractor-trailer crashes
  • 76 persons were killed in tractor-trailer crashes; 63 (82.9 percent) were not tractor-trailer occupants.