Train Accident in Massachusetts Caused by Speed and Possibly Cell Phone

The New York Times reports that a train accident in Newton, Massachusetts occurred on June 1, 2008 when a commuter train going 30 mph faster than what it should have been traveling crashed into another train in Boston.

 The operator of the commuter train stopped for 60 seconds at the Waban station before proceeding at no more than 10 mph.  The operator then proceeded to reach speeds of 37 and 38 mph until she collided with another train.  The train operator was killed in the crash and a dozen passengers were injured. The National Transportation Safety Board is looking into reports that the operator was on her cell phone at the time of the incident. 

Cell phone usage is one of the more dangerous activities we can engage in while driving. Not only does it sometimes take our hands away from the wheel, but it also takes our focus away from the road. Keep your focus on the road whenever you drive, whatever you drive.

 This danger of cell phones goes double for train crews whether on passenger lines like Amtrak or freight engines on Norfolk Southern.  Major railroad company rules limit use of cells on the job to increase train safety.