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Ureter Injury Resulting in Loss of Kidney

A ureter injury is one of the most serious complications that can arise from many surgical procedures such as a hysterectomy. A cut ureter that isn’t fixed in a timely fashion can cause horrific complications including the formation of ureterovaginal fistulas and the potential loss of kidney function, especially when the cut is discovered after the surgery.

Our firm has handled numerous cut ureter injury cases and, in some instances, the client suffered a loss of their kidney function. For example, we represented a client who went to see her gynecologist complaining of heavy bleeding and severe cramping during her periods.  Her gynecologists evaluated her and performed numerous tests which revealed that our client suffered from several conditions that required removing her uterus (a.k.a. laparoscopic hysterectomy). 

The surgery was performed by the gynecologist who did not notice any problems or injuries during our clients’ operation.  However after our client’s operation was over, it was discovered that no urine was coming through her catheter. Later, they found out that not one, but BOTH of her ureters, were injured so severely that urine would not pass through them.  Turns out that one of the ureters was burned with a surgical instrument (cautery) and the other was blocked by a misplaced stich.

Our client suffered terrible side effects and had to spend an additional three months in and out of the hospital because of this preventable surgical error.

Our medical malpractice firm worked tirelessly on her case and secured a $725,000.00 settlement. Check out the case result here: https://www.hsinjurylaw.com/case_results/-725-000-00-settlement-for-victim-of-two-cut-ureters.cfm

Loss of Kidney Function Can Cause Permanent Damage to Your Body

When you lose kidney function, the medical community describes this as “acute renal failure”. The kidney is a vital organ and the sudden loss of function can inflict long-lasting damage to your body. The symptoms of an acute renal failure include fluid retention, internal bleeding, confusion, seizures and even result in a coma, according to urologyhealth.org.

Double Damage – Ureter Injury and Kidney Failure Can Devastate the Patient’s Body

Suffering a cut/severed ureter is tough enough on your body, but suddenly losing kidney function can compound the damage. These types of injuries routinely result in the patient having to endure additional surgeries and stay confined to a hospital bed for weeks on end. It is a truly horrific experience that far too many people are suffering through in Virginia hospitals and hospitals across the country.

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