The roads and highways around Virginia Beach receive a high volume of tractor trailer traffic. This means Interstate 64 (I-64), I-264, I-664, Laskin Road, Shore Drive, and Pacific Avenue routinely get congested with large commercial trucks. Why? Because Hampton Roads has one of the largest port systems in the country, numerous coal piers, and facilities for all of the branches of the U.S. military.   

With high volumes of big rig traffic invariably comes a high risk of serious truck crashes. So what happens if you do get involved in an accident with a commercial truck in Virginia Beach? It’s rare for a trucking accident to be “minor”, but if the damage isn’t severe, you should contact the police to see if they need to come to the scene. You should also exchange insurance information with the truck driver so you can get the damage to your vehicle repaired.

However, most accidents involving commercial trucks and passenger vehicles involve extensive damage, both the vehicle and to the individuals in the smaller passenger car or SUV. Why? Because the disparity in size between the vehicles usually means that the passenger vehicle (e.g., a four-door sedan, van, SUV, etc.) takes the brunt of the impact. In fact, it is quite common for vehicles to be completely destroyed if they are hit by a big rig.

So what should you do if you’re the victim of a trucking accident in Virginia Beach? First and foremost, get medical attention right away. You do not want to make your injury worse. After you’ve been seen by a doctor, contact a Virginia Beach truck accident lawyer right away. Why? Because when a commercial truck is involved in a serious accident and the trucker was at-fault, the trucking company sends out a team of claims adjusters to examine the scene and collect evidence. Their goal is simple – get the evidence and start building a case against you. This is why hiring a Virginia Beach truck accident injury lawyer is so critical. You need a representative to visit the scene as well and begin to build your case.  

“I can’t afford to hire a truck accident attorney in Virginia Beach,” you might say. Good news – our law firm works on a “contingency fee” basis which means you pay nothing up front and we don’t collect any fees until you are compensated for your injury. Again, this is why there is no harm in speaking to a Virginia Beach truck wreck injury attorney to discuss your situation and seeing what legal options are available.

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