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Virginia Head Injury Lawyer: What We Can Learn from Gabrielle Giffords

Thirteen months ago, Arizona Senator Gabrielle Giffords was publically meeting constituents at a supermarket when a crazed assassin shot her at pointblank range in the head. Six people were killed in the attack and thirteen others were injured. Giffords suffered a traumatic brain injury that would change the path of her life dramatically.

While there are an estimated 275,000 traumatic brain injuries that result in hospitalization in the United States each year, the Gabby Giffords shooting offers us a unique opportunity to understand the long-term effects of serious head injuries.

A little after a year after her injury, how has Giffords’ life changed?
  • She needs extensive, continued medical care. After being in an induced coma and on a ventilator, Giffords has struggled to learn to talk, walk, and write again. Even more than a year after her accident, she has a long road of recovery ahead that likely involves multiple types of therapy and medical treatments. 
  • She has resigned from her job. Last month, Giffords officially resigned from her seat on the United States Senate. Not only does this stop her income, but it also stalls her exciting career arch and her passion for politics. 
  • She has struggled with her marriage. On the one-year anniversary of the shooting, Giffords’ husband Mark Kelly revisited the site of the shooting with his wife and spoke of the events of the past year. He voiced a common emotion of those whose spouse has suffered a severe brain injury: their relationship has changed and it has been very difficult to let go of the past.

Gabby Giffords has shown unrelenting bravery, determination, and spirit over the past year – and anyone who has struggled with a serious injury can learn much from her story. However, it is also worthwhile to recognize that the Senator has faced many of the same struggles as everyone else who has sustained a brain injury – the years of rehabilitation, the strains on her relationships, and the lost dreams.

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