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Who Is Liable for a Rental Moving Truck Accident? Find Out Now.

U-haul, truck, accident, injuries, VAWhether you are behind the wheel of a rented moving truck or whether a rented moving truck collided with you, U-Haul and other rental truck  accidents can be extremely confusing, complex, and come with overwhelming legal issues. While all Virginia commercial truck accidents are more complicated than other traffic accidents, a rental truck accident can be even more difficult to understand.
Who is liable for rental moving truck accidents?

There can be a number of players in any rental truck accident – even a one-vehicle accident. Liability could belong to:

  • The driver of the rental truck. Example: the driver was speeding or driving recklessly.
  • Another driver on the road. Example: the other driver ran a red light or turned against traffic.
  • The owner of the rental truck. Example: the rental truck company didn’t properly maintain or inspect the truck as required by law. 
  • The owner of the trailer towed by the truck. Example: the trailer wasn’t properly hitched or did not have brake lights connected correctly. 
  • The entity that designed the road. Example: the road was not properly maintained or contained a dangerous or confusing element that caused the accident. 
  • The people who packed the rental truck. Example: the items in the truck were not properly secured or the truck was packed with items that were too heavy.

It is also extremely important to understand that more than one party can be liable for an accident. How is liability determined? When looking at the evidence available in the case, accident experts and authorities will examine what factors led to the accident and how the accident should have been prevented.

Should I buy rental truck insurance coverage?

Rental truck companies that specialize in moving often offer their customers rental truck insurance coverage in case of an accident, an injury, or damage to the truck itself. Before you buy insurance, be sure to check to see if your own car insurance or credit-card company covers you. Also, before buying insurance, ask the rental company exactly what the coverage covers – especially in the case of an accident that is not your fault or in the case of an accident where your belongings are damaged.

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