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VA medical malpractice lawyers discuss the Symptoms & Complications of a Cut Ureter

A cut, nicked, or perforated ureter is a serious medical mistake that can cause life-altering injuries. Unfortunately, far too many perforated ureters go unnoticed by patients and doctors and too few people know the signs and symptoms. Let’s take a closer look at recognizing the symptoms and signs of this dangerous medical error.

The symptoms of a nicked ureter tube

  • Extreme pain. Although pain is to be expected after any abdominal surgery, be wary of pain that is not dulled by medication or pain that gets worse instead of better. 
  • Swelling and redness. Again, although you may expect some swelling and redness following a surgery, increased swelling and redness can be the sign of an infection caused by a cut ureter tube. 
  • Nausea and vomiting. Either within hours or within days, a patient may feel extremely sick to his or her stomach as an infection spreads and as the kidney is affected by the medical mistake malfunctions.

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The complications of a nicked ureter tube

  • Malfunctioning kidneys. A ureter tube carries urine from the kidney to the bladder – and any damage done to this piece of anatomy can cause almost immediate issues with the affected kidney, including the death of the kidney. 
  • Infection. Infection can set in quickly after a serious medical mistake like a nicked ureter tube. If a doctor does not notice the issue immediately and does not act quickly in response, the patient could suffer an expensive, life-threatening infection. 
  • Death. Good surgeons will notice a cut ureter tube immediately, go to work to remedy the problem, and save the patient. However, if a perforated or cut ureter is not noticed during the initial surgery, it could be hours or days before the dangerous consequences of such a mistake come to light. By this time, a patient could succumb to an infection or kidney failure.
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