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  • Firm Triumphs in Medical Malpractice Case Winning $825,000 Jury Verdict
    • Rick Shapiro and Kevin Duffan overcame significant obstacles in a serious medical malpractice case to obtain a $825,000 verdict from a Charlottesville, Virginia jury.
    • Our client underwent a laparoscopic hysterectomy on October 1, 2010, with an OB/GYN oncologist practicing with the UVA Physicians Group at UVA medical center.
    • Soon after the laparoscopic hysterectomy surgery started, complications arose and the hysterectomy surgery was not undertaken. A resident doctor made the initial abdominal entry using an Optiview direct entry trocar fitted with a video camera.  It turns out the resident had lacerated our client’s small bowel and lacerated both the left and right aortic iliac arteries.  
    • Multiple reparative procedures were required and it was 7-8 months before our client was able to resume her hobbies of jogging/running and horseback riding. 
    • Our client incurred $137,000.00 in medical expenses relating to the hospital treatment and other follow-up care. 
    • The defense made no offer of settlement and the case was tried to a jury in Charlottesville Circuit Court.
    • The multi-day trial was arduous and involved multiple witnesses, but at the end of it all, justice prevailed. The jury decided in favor of our client.

Law Firm News

  • The firm’s reputation for taking on the tough malpractice cases has only grown stronger. If you or a loved one suffered a serious injury during a hysterectomy, contact our firm to discuss your potential case. We also represent victims who believe a missed diagnosis occurred making their illness even worse. For more information, visit our medical malpractice practice area page.
  • Along with the major medical malpractice verdict, Kevin Duffan was able to secure a $92,000 settlement for a client who was seriously hurt after they were hit by a vehicle while riding their bike in Virginia Beach. This settlement highlights a serious safety issue in Virginia Beach – the safety of bicyclists. Check out this article on biycling safety tips.
  • One of Rick Shapiro’s clients provided a glowing testimonial about his legal representation and how he advocated on behalf of his father, who passed away from mesothelioma after being exposed to asbestos. Read the amazing testimonial here.
  • Randy Appleton published an article on the Legal Examiner about the wrongful death claims process in Virginia. Take a moment to read the informative article here.

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