Distracted Driving Dangers | Shapiro, Washburn & Sharp

In front of an audience of 600 Jamestown High School students, two of our Virginia Beach personal injury attorneys, Kevin Duffan and Richard N. Shapiro, talked about the dangers, and deadly consequences, of distracted driving.

The attorneys were participating in a nationwide program called “End Distracted Driving” and provided a presentation to the Williamsburg, Virginia (VA) students that included videos of families and friends who suffered the death of loved ones in a variety of distracted driving circumstances.

These circumstances included texting while driving, sudden distraction leading to pedestrian injuries, and the variety of distractions we are familiar with on the highways each day (e.g., eating and driving, putting on make-up while driving, and so forth).

In addition to the safety risks associated with distracted driving, there are also potential legal ramifications. If you cause a wreck and were distracted, then you could be held liable for damages through a distracted driving wrongful death claim.  Our firm has handled these types of wrongful death cases for the family members of loved ones who were killed in distracted driving accidents. We know that some at-fault drivers deeply regret their actions, but needed to be held liable for their reckless behavior.

Our firm is committed to spreading the word about the risks of distracted driving and has published an in-depth consumer report that anyone can download for free. Take a moment to download the report here.

Kevin, Rick, and fellow Virginia personal injury attorneys will present this, or similar programs, to other high schools in the Virginia Beach, Norfolk, and Portsmouth VA area.

Below are pictures of Kevin and Rick talking to the Williamsburg, VA students:

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