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Our Virginia Injury Law Firm Does Not Defend Drunk Divers - We Sue Them

Our Virginia injury law firm represents only victims injured by drunk driving. Personal injury victims or the surviving family members of victims killed in car or truck accidents caused by drunk drivers can rely on our Virginia-based personal injury and wrongful death attorneys. We understand the seriousness of these types of accidents and are willing to seek punitive damages against the at-fault driver convicted of driving while intoxicated.

This article catalogues and reviews personal injuries caused by drunk drivers (DUI/DWI) as well as case results and settlements involving clients our Virginia drunk driving injury lawyers have represented in the past.

Whenever clients hire us, we examine numerous unique circumstances. Our goal in every DUI and DWI injury or wrongful death case is to identify all sources of insurance to help our client receive maximum compensation. We will seek recovery for all accident-related expenses and losses, including medical bills, lost wages, permanent injuries, pain, suffering and scars. In addition, we can also bring a claim for punitive damages. This is a form of compensation that can be assessed if we establish that the drunk driver was grossly negligent or committed egregiously bad acts.

For additional info on drunk driving accidents, take a look at these articles which were written by experienced drunk driving personal injury lawyers: Also, check out these Virginia drunk driving injury case results that were secured by our law firm:
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