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If you or a loved one was hit and injured by a commercial truck, tractor-trailer, or big rig, the applicable laws differ greatly from a typical fender-bender accident involving two sedans. A major difference is the fact that commercial trucks and tractor-trailers are subjected to the regulations codified by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. This means, in addition to complying with local laws, a commercial truck driver (and their company), must follow these federal regulations.

An important federal regulation is Section 393, which is titled “Parts and Accessories Necessary for Safe Operation”. This section provides an overview of what needs to be on a tractor-trailer or big rig when it is traveling on interstate highways and local roads. 

Unfortunately, far too many truck companies fail to comply with Section 393 in an effort to try and save money. They send out their big rigs and 18-wheelers without proper inspections or in a condition that fails to meet the mandates contained in Section 393. 

Our team of Virginia truck accident injury lawyers have handled cases where an 18-wheeler was being operated with underinflated tires, outdated equipment, and/or faulty brakes. Having bad brakes on a big rig is a huge safety risk and may violate Section 393.40. This Section states that each commercial motor vehicle must have brakes adequate to stop and hold the vehicle or combination of motor vehicles. Each commercial motor vehicle must meet the applicable service, parking, and emergency brake system requirements provided in Section 393.

You would be shocked by how badly some commercial trucks are maintained and are still on the road.

If you or a loved one was hit by a tractor-trailer or big rig that was in poor condition, consider speaking to a truck accident attorney in your area. If a commercial truck fails to meet the standards set by the FMCSA, there may be grounds for a truck accident injury claim. 

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