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Virginia Truck Accident Attorney's Advice: Get a Lawyer Who Has Experience Handling Truck Wreck Claims

If you were seriously hurt in an accident involving a commercial truck in Virginia, do not make the mistake of hiring a lawyer simply because he or she has offices in Virginia. Many people make this mistake. They see a TV ad featuring a lawyer claiming to get big settlements but fail; to notice that the advertisement contains no information on how and where the settlements being touted were obtained.

Each truck crash injury claim is unique, and the laws related to lawsuits against truck drivers and trucking companies differ from state to state. This is why if you were hit and injured by a semi, 18-wheeler, tanker truck or tractor-trailer in Virginia, you want the best Virginia truck accident lawyer to handle your case.

But how do you determine who the best Virginia truck accident lawyer is? Simply, you need to learn how experienced and successful an attorney is. A surefire way to do this is to look at the attorney's record to see what types of cases he or she has handled and what the outcomes of those cases were. The best lawyer to handle your case is someone who has litigated claims similar to the ones you have and who has secured fair settlements and verdicts for clients.

For example, truck accident lawyers with our firm, John C. and Randy Appleton, settled a truck crash wrongful death case for $3.5 million. The accident occurred on I-264 in Norfolk, Virginia (VA) and took the life of a young man. John and Randy were able to secure the multimillion dollar settlement to help the decedent's 5-year-old daughter, who was the victim's only beneficiary.

You also want a truck accident injury attorney who is willing to do the following:  

  • Answer the phone when you call and give you clear answers to your questions.
  • Send out an investigator to get photos and take measurements. When necessary, you will need a lawyer who will send a trucking accident reconstructionist to the scene of the crash to obtain forensic evidence.
  • File for any necessary equitable relief. For example, it may be necessary to file a writ of sequestration, make pleadings to prevent the truck company from making repairs to the truck involved in the wreck and to make other legal requests that do not result in getting you monetary awards but do help you make your case against the at-fault truck driver and trucking company.
  • Have you examined by board-certified physicians to make sure that you receive top-notch medical care for your injuries.  
  • File a claim for monetary damages as soon as possible and fight for you during the injury litigation process.

To learn more, check out our free report on what you need to do when injured in an accident involving a large commercial truck.


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