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In April, a truck company settled a $9 million lawsuit regarding a fatal truck accident that was caused by a trucker having a seizure. When the trucker had a seizure behind the wheel, he lost control of the vehicle and swerved into oncoming traffic, killing the occupant of one of the cars the truck struck. The wrongful death case stated that the truck driver should have never been behind the wheel because of his recent medical history – and that the trucking company could have and should have prevented the deadly crash.

During the fatal crash investigation, it was discovered that the trucker had suffered a seizure just three weeks before the crash occurred and that the trucking company did not take the man off of the road after his medical problem was discovered.

Trucker seizures: an all-too-common problem

Unfortunately, these cases happen more often than you might think; a trucking company disregards the poor health of a driver, the trucker has a medical emergency while driving a multiple-ton tractor-trailer, and innocent drivers and passengers die or suffer serious injuries when the big rig crashes.

Of course, allowing a driver with a history of seizures is against federal law. The United States Department of Transportation bars anyone who has suffered a seizure while on the job from driving with a commercial license for ten years. The law was formed with the safety of everyone on the road in mind – it keeps those most likely to suffer a sudden medical emergency from having a trucking job.

If someone is injured or killed in a VA truck accident caused by a trucker having a medical emergency – and if the trucker’s employer knew about his or her medical issues – the trucking company may be responsible for damages.

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