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Virginia Truck Accidents: High Winds are a Greater Danger for Big Rigs

This week we covered the story of a Virginia Beach truck accident in which an empty tractor-trailer was blown over while crossing the Chesapeake Bay Bridge in high winds. The big rig, which was blown over by guests of winds traveling at approximately 55 miles per hour, could not be removed for several hours because of the danger posed by continuing high winds.

Unfortunately, truck accidents caused by wind are not uncommon in Virginia. Commercial trucks - especially those carrying wide, broad trailers - are significantly more susceptible to crosswinds. Trucks that are not carrying loads are even more susceptible to winds, as they are lighter and more likely to blow over.

Here are some quick safety tips regarding commercial trucks and high winds:

  • Trucks may be effected by high winds - especially in certain areas, such as on bridges, near open range, near the ocean, or in gorges. 
  • Trucks can be dangerous to pass on highways and interstates in high wind conditions. Be wary of passing a truck that is visibly shifting in the wind and be aware that you may have to correct your steering as you pass by the truck. 
  • High winds and wind gusts are often present along with other poor weather conditions, such as rain and snow. This can make driving even more treacherous, so consider stopping until the weather improves. 
  • When passing or coming into close contact with a truck in windy conditions, be sure to reduce your speed. 
  • Look for signs that warn drivers about high wind - they were placed there for a reason! Many of these signs also have a wind sock attached to them so that drivers can gauge the weather.

Have you been injured in a Virginia truck accident in which wind could have been a factor? Speak with a VA personal injury attorney today about your case to find out if you should fight for compensation.