A concussion is a serious injury in itself, but many people do not know that they can suffer from post-concussive syndrome for weeks, months, and even years after hitting their head in an accident. While most patients with post-concussive syndrome report symptoms like headaches, vision problems, and confusion for one week to three months after a brain injury, some people may suffer for much longer. Oddly, doctors have found that the severity of a person’s post-concussive syndrome is not related to the severity of a person’s initial concussion. A mild concussion can lead to serious post-concussive syndrome, while a serious concussion could have no long-term effects.

Medical professionals believe that post-concussive syndrome is due to a combination of factors: actual structural damage to the brain, neurotransmitter damage, and the psychological affects of suffering a serious injury. Women develop post-concussive syndrome more often than men and the older you are, the more likely you are to suffer from the syndrome. In addition, if your head injury was caused by a traumatic accident, such as a fall, car accident or physical assault, you are more likely to suffer from the condition.

What are the symptoms of post-concussive syndrome?

•    Headaches, tension headaches, or migraines.
•    Depression and anxiety.
•    Behavioral changes, including aggressiveness, stubbornness, or irritability.
•    Fatigue.
•    Sleep disturbances, insomnia, or over sleeping.
•    Concentration problems.
•    Memory problems.
•    Sensitivity to light.
•    Sensitivity to sound.

If you believe that you are suffering from post-concussive syndrome, it is vital that you see a doctor and get treatment for your condition. If the accident that caused your post-concussive syndrome was caused by negligence, talk to a lawyer today about your personal injury case.