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VA Brain Injury Attorneys: What is TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury)?

When a loved one is involved in a serious accident where the victim suffers severe trauma to the head, their loved ones learn a strange new term: TBI. It stands for traumatic brain injury. According to, roughly 1.5 million people in the United States suffer from the injury and 85,000 people with TBI suffer a variety of long-term disabilities.

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Brain injuries, also known as closed head wounds, can be caused by a number of incidents, but the three most common are:

1. Car crashes

2. Weapon injuries

3. Slips and falls

Symptoms of TBI can vary from mild to severe. A person may or may not lose consciousness during the event. TBI may lead to dizziness, confusion, vertigo, headaches, fatigue, lightheadedness, blurred vision, ringing ears, and insomnia. On a larger scale, TBI can lead to memory loss, changes in behavior, mood issues, persistent vomiting and nausea, seizures, confusion, attention issues, and inability to concentrate.

Although doctors are learning more about TBI treatment every day, we are still in the initial stages of understanding the condition. Those suffering a traumatic brain injury should seek medical attention immediately, so that any bleeding and brain swelling can be controlled. After that point, patients may receive a number of different therapies, ranging from speech therapy to occupational therapy to physical therapy.

The prognosis for TBI also varies from case to case. Those some might recover fully from their head injury, others may have long-term issues or even permanent disabilities. Often, patients may have issues with sensory perception and processing, cognition, aggression, mental health, expression and understanding.  In the most serious cases and severe cases, patients may be vegetative permanently - unconscious, unaware, and unable to communicate.

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