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You Need An Experienced Attorney For Your Virginia Nursing Home Wrongful Death Case

Earlier this month, a woman filed a wrongful death lawsuit against a West Virginia nursing home where her elderly loved one died. While she alleges that her relative died after years of neglect and poor care, the nursing home insists that the man died a natural death from old age after suffering a number of common health problems faced by seniors.

Each year across the country, thousands of elderly residents die in nursing homes due to neglect, medication mistakes, and ignored care plans. However, proving that your loved one died because of nursing home neglect in a wrongful death lawsuit is notoriously difficult. Why? There are two major reasons:

People expect seniors to die in nursing homes and assume that it is natural. While it may be sad, it is also true: nursing homes are often seen as the places for those who are nearing the end of their lives, and many nursing home residents struggle with health issues such as heart disease and dementia. When someone in a nursing home dies, we assume it is because of old age or an age-related condition or disease. In fact, many of those who die in nursing homes are never closely examined after their deaths because we assume “it was their time.”

The signs of neglect are often mistaken as the signs of aging. Was a senior malnourished because they weren’t being fed, or because they suffered from a digestive condition? Were the resident’s pressure sores a result of not being turned in bed, or simply the result of their body slowly shutting down? It can be difficult to know whether a senior was being neglected or whether they were simply suffering from health complications. Nursing homes may use this to their advantage when covering up or denying neglect.

Because of the two points above, it is vital that you are represented by an attorney who is experienced in both nursing home neglect cases and wrongful death cases – one who understands the complexity of these cases and knows what a nursing home may claim during the case. If you have lost a loved one in a nursing home and suspect that neglect was involved, contact us today to schedule a free, private meeting.

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