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American Trucking Association Fights Proposed Trucker Rest Rules

Posted on Mar 20, 2012
The American Trucking Association (ATA) has appealed the recent decision by the federal government to require truckers to rest for 34 hours each week, including on two consecutive nights.

In a statement, the Arlington, Virginia-based ATA explained that the trucking industry would take a significant financial hit if the rule were instated and that truckers may be forced to drive during rush hour – a change that could lead to more truck accidents instead of fewer crashes. In addition, the ATA believes that new trucking regulations should focus on curbing speeding instead of curbing fatigue, since speeding is a more common cause of truck accident injuries and fatalities. The ATA stated further that they would support a device on truck that would limit a driver’s speed.

The Transportation Department recently decided not to lower the current 11-hour driving maximum to ten hours, despite pressures from safety organizations. However, they did decide to close a loophole that allowed truckers to work 82 hours during a seven-day span as opposed to the legal limit of 60 hours. The new rule requires truckers to rest between the hours of one in the morning and five in the morning on two consecutive days.

The new truck industry regulations are on schedule to be instated in July of next year.