Amtrak’s Passenger Rail Cut Proposal Raises Safety Concerns

Posted on Feb 03, 2011

Amtrak trains leave out of Newport News, Virginia (VA) on a daily basis, and soon light rail will be zipping around Norfolk as well.  So, it doesn't bode well that a group of congressional Republicans has proposed eliminating or trimming 100 government programs by $330 billion over 10 years.  One of those programs is funding for Amtrak  which would be slashed by $1.57 billion.  Also intercity and high-speed rail grants that would be slashed by $2.5 billion.

What this means for citizens and passengers alike is that there is a good chance the lack of funding will affect the safety of the passenger rail.  Specifically hurt will be places where states can cut corners like crossings for pedestrians and vehicles.  Already Amtrak has been involved in dozens of accidents in North Carolina (NC) and other states. In 2010, Amtrak had 92 train accidents and close to 1,500 train accidents with cars where nearly 120 people were killed.  Find out more.


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