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Charlotte Cyclists Take BIG Ride For Traumatic Brain Injury Awareness

Posted on Nov 19, 2010
For the fifth time, Charlotte cyclists will spend 2.5 months riding their bikes across the country raising awareness about brain injuries, helmet safety, and bike safety. Stopping at churches, schools, and businesses across the nation, the group, called the B.I.G. Ride, will spread the word about seat belt and helmet safety while at the same time inspiring those affected by head injuries sustained in accidents.

This year, the ride took place from August 26 to November 4 and ended in Ben Barry’s home town of Charlotte.

Ben Barry, who organizes and leads the ride, has been inspired to spread brain injury awareness by his late wife Lee Anne Barry. At the age of five, Lee Anne was struck by a car while crossing the street and received a serious head injury that left her to struggle against disabilities for the rest of her life.

As an adult, Lee Anne overcame all of the challenges put before her and became passionate both about cycling and brain injury awareness. She melded those two passions together by helping organize the first B.I.G Ride in 2001 alongside her husband. Tragically, during the final leg of the ride toward Charlotte, North Carolina, Barry was struck and killed by a car while on her bike. The bike accident took place on highway 521 between Lancaster, South Carolina, and her home in North Carolina. Tom Hoskins of Columbia, South Carolina, who was also participating in the charity ride, was also killed in the cyclist accident.

Before her death, Barry completed the cross country ride three times, educating people throughout the country about head injury safety and prevention.

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