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Doctor Sued by Virginia Man’s Family Who Claim the Surgeon Botched a Heart Surgery

Posted on Nov 29, 2011
A physician is facing a Virginia medical malpractice lawsuit that claims he is responsible for surgical errors that cost a heart patient his life.

According to the North Virginian Daily, Stanley Zirkle Sr. of Stephenson underwent heart catheterization surgery at Winchester Medical Center this summer. The procedure was performed by Dr. Edward Bonyak. Following the surgery, heart doctors recommended that Zirkle undergo a second surgery, this time a coronary artery bypass grafting, performed by Dr. John H. Arnold.

During this second surgery, the wrongful death medical malpractice lawsuit alleges that Zirkle’s femoral artery was injured – a complication that should have been recognized as dangerous. In addition, tests showed that the patient had lost a dangerous amount of blood. However, despite these signs, Arnold went ahead with the procedure, which included a blood thinning medication that increased bleeding. Arnold died of blood loss.

In the Virginia medical malpractice lawsuit, Zirkle’s three sons, William, Thomas, and Stanley Jr., are seeking $2 million in damages, claiming that the doctor’s actions were negligent and that their father died from preventable surgical errors.

To the family and friends of Stanley Zirkle, the Virginia Beach medical malpractice attorneys at Shapiro & Appleton& Duffan send our condolences.

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