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Father Sues West Virginia Department Of Transportation For Wrongful Death

Posted on Feb 23, 2011
A Leon man is suing both the state of West Virginia and the West Virginia Department of Transportation (WVDOT) for wrongful death. The lawsuit concerns a 2009 traffic accident in which the man’s son was killed.

According to the West Virginia Record, 57-year-old Samuel Legg of Mason County has filed a wrongful death lawsuit that states that the Department of Transportation is responsible for the death of his son, 22-year-old Chad Legg. In 2009 in Point Pleasant, Chad Legg was stopped at an intersection in his Jeep Cherokee when 47-year-old Lisa Pete slammed into the back of his vehicle with her Jeep Cherokee. Pere was an employee of the DOT and was working for them and driving their vehicle at the time of the WV car accident.

Legg survived the car accident, but suffered severe injuries that altered every aspect of his life. He died a year after the accident from complications from his injuries. Legg’s father has said that the array of injuries that he suffered from put his son through an unimaginable amount of pain, emotional trauma, and anguish.

The state of West Virginia and West Virginia DOT has not commented on the wrongful death lawsuit. While it is unclear what caused the ultimately fatal accident, those who hit the back of the first vehicle in rear-end incidents are usually found to be at fault.

With the assistance of his Point Pleasant wrongful death attorney, Samuel Legg is seeking unspecified damages, court costs, attorney fees, and interest.

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