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Richmond Traumatic Brain Injury Clinic Focuses on Kids

Posted on May 21, 2012
After seeing a demand for it, VCU’s Children’s Hospital of Richmond opened a Traumatic Brain Injury Clinic in January 2011. In the few months since the new clinic opened its doors, the hospital has seen a three-fold increase in child head injury patients – a sign that schools and parents are listening when medical professionals tell them that even mild concussions in children can have serious health consequences.

According to Richmond new sources, the Central Virginia children’s hospital treated just over one hundred head injuries in the year before the clinic opened its doors. Since the TBI clinic opened seven months ago, they have treated 245 children for brain injuries and accidents.

One clinic doctor explained that awareness has improved that concussions and other closed-head injuries may need treatment and could have serious consequences if not handled correctly. Even if a child doesn’t lose consciousness, he or she could have a brain injury that causes behavioral issues, headaches, sleep issues, sensory issues, or concentration problems. If a child doesn’t seek help for a concussion and rests for several days after the event, serious damage can occur. The clinic’s mission is to minimize damage, help families understand TBI, and ultimately, get the best outcome possible.

What are the most common accidents that lead to brain injuries in children? The doctors at the clinic say that sports and recreation are the leading cause, with football, soccer, biking, and wrestling most often leading to concussions and visits to the clinic. Others receive head injuries from accidental falls and traffic accidents.