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Shifting Load Causes I-64 Truck Accident in Norfolk, VA

Posted on Jun 27, 2013

All westbound lanes of Interstate 64 outside of Norfolk, Virginia were closed on Wednesday, May 22 after a tractor-trailer accident blocked traffic and caused backups in the afternoon. 

According to local news sources, the Virginia commercial truck accident took place when a truck carrying wood flooring was using an onramp to I-64 near Military Highway. The cargo in the truck’s trailer allegedly shifted when the truck was negotiating the curve, causing the vehicle to overturn. A car driving near the truck at the time of the accident ran into a concrete barrier on the side of the onramp in an attempt to avoid crashing into the big-rig. 

While the trucker was not injured in the accident, the driver of the car that hit the concrete barrier was taken to the hospital via ambulance for minor injuries and precautionary reasons. It is unclear if the trucker or the trucking company will be held responsible for the accident or if any citations have been issued. It is also unclear if there were factors in the crash other than a shifting load, such as speeding. 

Emergency crews and heavy equipment was brought to the accident scene to remove the overturned truck. The onramp, as well as the left lanes of the interstate, were closed for several hours after the truck accident. 

Shifting loads cause a significant number of truck accidents and overturned-truck incidents. These accidents can be prevented by properly securing loads before trucks leave the warehouse. 

We wish everyone injured in this crash quick and full recoveries.

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